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Referrals: Getting familiar with evidence-based integrative therapies is very important to make responsible decisions when seeking integrative medical care. Read More 


International Symposium on Supported Care in Cancer | MASCC/ISOO 2013, Berlin



The Inter-American Society of Integrative Medicine (IASIM) bi-annual conference will be held in Miami Beach, Sep 07-08, 2013. Further information will be annaunced at a later time.



Esencia Para Una Vida Saludable (Avances de la medicina anti-envejecimiento y prevención del cáncer) presentada por el doctor Marcelo Lam, en el salón de conferencia de la librería Saint Mary, 7360 Coral Way, Miami. Domingo, 01 de Sept, de 2:00-3:00 P.M. Para Info: Tel. 305-267-0117.


No other scheduled event at this time. Please, return at latter date.


Desde la Clinica del Dr. Marcelo Lam/ reportaje para TV: Noticiario de Univison.  

El Auge de la Medicina Alternativa/ Entrevista a Deepak Chopra. TV SHOW: Oppenheimer Presenta.

Acupuncture Information 
The diseases and disorders for which acupuncture therapy has been tested in controlled clinical trials. Classified into four categories. Published by the World Health Organization
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Spanish Language Brochure for cancer patients. Downloading may take a few minutes. Panfleto en español para pacientes de cáncer. Puede demorar unos minutos en bajar. Download 

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